We get the fire-it going and light a chimney-full of charcoal for the grill…

ONCE I’m showered and breakfasted I head to the studio and set up for a guitar lesson with my Irish student.

We have a meeting at the local pub with a local pal about some community trust projects – the pub has given us use of the empty back room and supplies us with coffee while we chat things through.

There some salt beef and stuff needing used up so I make toasties for lunch then I make some burgers for tonight before hitting the studio.

The hours fly by when I start messing around with song ideas and arrangements and before I know it, it’s after 6pm. I need a walk!

It’s a lovely evening and dusk’s coming fast, but I get a good hour or so’s walk by the loch.

Back home we light the fire-it, a chimneyful of charcoal for the grill and peel some potatoes to make chips in the air fryer.

The fire-it keeps the chill away as we enjoy our dinner outside then sit and chat over a bottle of red.