WE have a bit of a lie in then after breakfast we put the gazebo up in the garden – think it’s gonna be a semi-permanent fixture as we can’t have visitors in the house. Plus, it’s pouring rain and likely to stay that way for the foreseeable!

I hit the studio and get some work done on a baseline and drum track for an idea I’m putting together.

Catriona and at the kids arrive early afternoon and sit outside – Freya’s staying with us tonight so Catriona can have a bit of a break – Aaron’s not been sleeping very well and having Freya too means she’s quite a lot on her plate.

I have an order to pick up at Costco so head into Glasgow – I also pick up some extra bits and bobs of shopping.

I haven’t had a walk today, but darkness is falling by the time I get home – and it’s still pouring. No walk.

Instead, I tie up some loose ends int eh studio then go back to the house and make carnitas for dinner. This is fast becoming my favourite meal!