MARGARET’S up early – about 7.30am – with Freya and I sit in bed drinking coffee and checking emails.

After breakfast I hit the studio for a while then drop some stuff off at Betty and Joe’s on the way for a quick walk up the lochside. I’m a bit pushed for time today, so can’t have a long walk.

Catriona comes to pick up Freya and I go back into the studio. I;m meant to be doing stuff for tomorrow’s (Monday) Cookin’ Up the Blues livestream, but get engrossed in the arrangement for an alternative take on one of my songs. It’s starting to come together, but there’s some sort of weird timing thing in the outdo. Think it’ll be back to the drawing board tomorrow if I have time.

The mushroom risotto is ready just in time for us to sit down and tune into our regular Sunday night viewing of Bill’s livestream form Florida.