Episode seven of Cookin’ Up The Blues – Andouille sausage and jambalaya!

FULL on day today, not least as I haven’t had time to do any prep for tonight’s livestream episode of Cookin’ Up The Blues.

Of course as well as editing video and preparing the studio, I need to promote the thing too!

Mid-morning I have a guitar session on Zoom with one of my students in the borders. I’d be gubbed without the internet..and thank goodness we got fibre in at last.

I take a break and drop some stuff off at Betty and Joe’s then make lunch…arancini in the air fryer with the leftover mushroom risotto from last night. It’s the first time l’ve made them in the ‘new’ air fryer and they turn out fantastic.

I spend the entire afternoon on prep for tonight’s livestream – a Skype guitar masterclass has been postponed by my student and I’m glad the time has been freed up as it lets me out for a short walk before getting setup in the studio.

In a bid to streamline the livestream, I decide to record the voiceovers into the cooking videos. It works well and this is the first episode where everything has gone to plan from a technical point of view. I have to say, though, the cost/time/revenue balance of this project is. pretty dismal! I thought folks would be more enthusiastic about a more diverse livestream, but I guess it’s the music they want, not the food. Ah well, just one more. episode to go!