TODAY’S diary is full of Zoom meetings, Skype guitar lessons and Microsoft Teams events. Who’d have known technology would save the day!

The first online thing is a Musicians’ Union (MU) Live Performance Section committee meeting – normally we get together in London to discuss major issues facing gigging/touring musicians, but this is the second via Zoom which works really well – and saves a lot of time and money for all concerned.

By the time my meeting’s finished, Margaret’s away to Catriona’s to look after Aaron while Catriona takes Freya for an appointment.

I make some lunch then head out for a quick walk.

There’s time to do a quick livestream from the garden to help promote the upcoming Zoom sessions before I Skype my slide guitar student in Texas.

I’d hoped to make my first lahmacun for dinner tonight, but the special chilli pepper I need and ordered from Amazon has been ‘delayed to external factors’ so that’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow (Friday).

Next up is a PRS (Performing Rights Society) meeting via Microsoft Teams…the ‘pre-meeting’ works fine, but when we try and join a wider PRS meeting neither myself, nor one of the others, can get in. Grrrr…

I get a little more work done in the studio then head back to the house and start preparing carnitas for dinner…