My first attempt at Lahmacun works out good – but I need to try and get the base a little thinner next time…

I’VE managed to clear the decks before I fire up Skype for a guitar lesson with my student in Ireland.

The lesson is productive for him and goes well. I really should try and do more of these!

The Amazon delivery that was meant to arrive yesterday looks like it should come in today. The imminent arrival of my Aleppo pepper means I can mark on my first attempt at making lahmucan – a Turkish flatbread topped with spicy lamb mince – tonight 🙂

There’s a couple of merch orders to be packed up and postage printed out…and, also an order for a signature guitar to be processed and sent to National Reso-Phonic in California.

Mid afternoon, I have a virtual photoshoot with Adam Kennedy – a photographer based in the North East of England. He got in touch last week to ask if I’d be willing to participate in his project which involves taking photos of musicians from afar. So far he’s done hundreds of ‘remote’ photoshoots with musicians in the USA, India and all over the world.

Basically I set up my iPhone and tripod here and Adam directs the composition etc via FaceTime and remotely captures the images. It’s an interesting and intriguing process and I’m really curious to see how the photos turn out. It’s also good to catch up and have blether.

I finish up in the studio and go for a walk ups the lochside in the last of the light – it’s dark by the time I get home, open a beer and make the lahmacun. The result is good – but I need to try and get the base a little thinner and leave it in the oven a few minutes more…