Nice sky over Balmaha bay in the evening…

I SLEEP in. It’s Kinda weird as I didn’t kick the ass out the drink last night, but not drinking through the week must be resulting in a much lower tolerance!

It’s also resulted in saving a fair bit of cash (that we didn’t have to start with!) and shedding a few pounds.

The pack of mince I took out the freezer last night has defrosted, so I make some burgers to cook outside on the grill this evening.

I spend the afternoon in the studio. The outro section in the new arrangement of a song I’m working on isn’t right…and there more I try to fix it by editing, the worse it gets. I decide to start again from scratch.

Margaret went out to the shed to get some rawlplugs at lunchtime…and has, instead, been clearing the place out all afternoon. She calls me to see if I’ve seen the sky. It’s beautiful and dramatic but by the time I’ve got back to the house and got the drone airborne I’ve missed the best of it. Still, I get a nice shot of Balmaha bay,

Darkness is falling and I haven’t even been out for a walk. I prepare the grill and peel some potatoes for air fryer chips.

We have a nice evening sitting outside by the fire pit with our burgers and a bottle of red.

Another Saturday night cookout 🙂