ANOTHER bit of a long lie…and a lazy morning checking through emails and drinking coffee.

Breakfast isn’t even brunch, it’s more like lunch – then I’m on a mission to help a local pal get better internet. I’m working outside his house and have a 4G aerial mounted on a pole which I move around to try and find a (semi-decent) 4G data signal.

I find something workable, but have a problem trying to top up the SIM card in the router, so we don’t really get the chance to test it properly…before suggesting we have holes drilled through the wall for the aerial cable and he embarks on a data plan I need to make sure it not only works but is a worthwhile ‘upgrade’.

Talking of upgrades, his five or six year old iPhone is bit cranky too which non;t helping this personal IT situation.

I’m away a good couple of hours and getting hungry. There’s a burger leftover from last night which I chuck in the microwave and have as a snack to tide me over ’til later.

In the studio I work on the new arrangement of Cherry Wine, exporting all the drum and bass stuff I programmed in Garageband into Luna then go for a walk up the lochside.

Back in the studio I find a couple of things missing in the drum tracks I imported to Luna earlier so I re-trace my septs and try to sort it all out before going back to the house to make dinner.

The tteotbokki is ready justo in time for our pal Bill’s Sunday night livestream form Florida…and this week he’s gonna play his version of Devil’s Left Hand….!!