One of the many shots from the morning’s photoshoot in the studio…

UP early to try and re-arrange the studio take pictures of a music student who’s coming this morning.

I’m just finishing cleaning up and sorting de-sanitiser and facemasks etc when he arrives. The photos go well. I spend the next couple of hours selecting what I think are the best ones and getting lo-res proofs off to him.

There’s a couple of hoodies needing dropped at my pal Kenny’s for screen printing…not for merch, just for my own personal attire. If the design looks good, though, I might incorporate it into future merch designs.

As well as the screen printers, I need to pick up the week’s shopping, so next stops are Chinese cash’n’carry, Tesco and Costco. That all takes much longer than I expected!

Back home I put away the shopping and Margaret makes dinner…Matty’s still here and I hit the studio to start making a video for a pal in the USA’s medical bills fundraiser.