AN email from one of my online guitar students tells e he can’t make this morning’s lesson. That’s no bad thing in a way as I’ve loads to do.

I make a double batch of egg bites..some for this morning’s breakfast and the rest for the freezer. No chorizo tho’, so I end up making veggie ones with cheese, spring onions, red pepper and jalapeño. They turn out good, but they’re not as spectacular as my regular cheese and chorizo or feta and sun-dried tomato.

I also get the beef that’s been marinading in the fridge for the last two days into the air fryer to make beef jerky.

In the studio I get some things ticked of my to-do list then the BBC calls for a live interview on Radio Scotland about how covid’s been affecting musicians.

There’s pals coming for dinner in the garden tonight, so after lunch I marinade the beef for Vietnamese beef and prepare some tofu for the bao buns I’m doing for a starter.

Back in the studio I finish editing a video for a pal in the USA’s gofundme appeal to help with an emergency medical bill then manage to squeeze in a quick walk in the forest before dark.

It’s nice to see some pals and we have a grand night in the garden…I think it’s 4.30am when we get to bed!