We bump into this character while out for a wander….

AFTER breakfast I drive along to Martyn’s and we go for a wander for an hour or two. It’s our regular mutual therapy session!

I’m starving when I get back so stick some duck buns in the steamer and have a quick lunch before hitting the studio.

Main job/priority today is to test the sound for tomorrow’s (Monday) Zoom sessions. Yesterday’s recorded test went OK as far as it goes, but I need to do a ‘real-life’ webinar test. Margaret’s in the house at the other end and we can;t get any sound to work.

I reboot the computer, start up some software and not crashes. Uh-oh. I persevere and we manage to get sound, but it’s shit. The whole point of using Zoom is it’s apparent better handling fo sound.

After setting up a test webinar for attendees of the main sessions tomorrow, I start digging about to try and solve the problem and eventually sort it out. Jeez, glad we took the time to do all this in advance!

The test session goes relatively smoothly then I go back to the house and cook up some mushroom risotto – ready in time to watch our pal bill’s regular Sunday night livestream from Florida.