The set for the Zoom sessions…

ZOOM sessions day! Lots of last minute promo and prep to be done, but there’s a load of other stuff on today too.

First up, an online guitar lesson with a student in the borders. Once done I go for a walk in the rain and drop some stuff off at Betty and Joe’s.

While I’m out I do a couple of livestreams trailing tonight’s Zoom sessions.

Back home I get out my wet clothes and make some arancini with last night’s leftover risotto. I have to say, they’re pretty good!

In the studio I use the results of the the Survey Monkey song selections and other requests that came through the Facebook groups for each session’s attendees to make up set lists for each of tonight’s two Zoom sessions..then I start rehearsing! I haven’t played some of these songs in a long time.

I have another online guitar student – from Texas this time – and after this lesson I finish my rehearsals.

We check, and double check, all the technical set up for the Zoom sessions and I prepare the space, tune instruments etc.

The first session kicks off at 8pm and there appears to be an audio problem. Sheeeeeit. A quick check round and it turns out to be Margaret’s laptop…if she’s allows to speak – as mission control – it seems to screw up the audio. We mute Margaret’s mic and all is good.

Both sessions work really well – the feedback indicates everyone’s more than happy with the sessions nd the sound – and video – seems to be far superior to Facebook. So it was worth all the effort after all 🙂