I take a selfie while signing labels for the ‘Dave. Arcari signature guitar’ from National…

AN early start – a few things to do following last night’s Zoom sessions which were, by all accounts, a triumph 🙂

Once of my old web clients has been I n touch to say their website is down, can I help? I spend an hour or two digging about their server and database and manage to get it back up an running. The site is pretty out of date though and they need to pay a bit more attention to updates and stuff.

In between downpours of rain I manage a quick walk then sign a batch of labels to go inside the ‘Dave Arcari signature guitar’ from National Reso-Phonic Guitars. I set up the camera and take a selfie for some guitar-related social media content.

There’s not long to go ’til this week’s afternoon/evening shift in the village shop so I get back to the house make some lunch then put together some sandwiches to see me through my shift. An eight-hour shift with no breaks, but I can usually grab a mouthful or two between customers 😉

I’m home soon after 10pm and have a snack, watch some telly then hit the hay.