AFTER a bit of a lazy start to the day I make up a meal plan for the next week and send Margaret a shopping list for later on…she’s in Glasgow today.

I finally get an answer from an old web client whose site I rescued yesterday…there are a few out of date things and I need to know if they want them updated…and also some more effective security measures put in place to avoid these kinda things happening again.

In the studio I get a few minutes to lay down an acoustic guitar track for a song I’ve been trying to re-arrange for weeks now…it’s not been a priority, tho’, so it keeps getting bumped down the to-list.

The basic track still needs some tidying up and, to be honest, I don’t really have the time or inclination to nit-pick….the rain;s off, so I go for a walk.

I manage to get another vocal track recorded before going back to the house to make lahmacun (again!) for dinner…