I HAVE a few admin things to do then Margaret drops me off in the village. She’s off to meet Catriona in Stirling and I’ve got to go to the post office and also pick up a prescription at the chemist.

I enjoy the hour or so walk back home and make some lunch then hit the studio and get a little more work done on a song I’m recording.

Mid-afternoon I make an ‘external’ visit to a local pal in an effort to improve his internet connectivity. I take a 4G modem that I have loaded some credit onto and get him to plug it in indoors while I mess around with an antenna outside. We get it working, but it’s not much better than his existing (poor) broadband connection.

Back home I spend some more time in the studio before embarking on dinner – pork carnitas – which we enjoy in front of the telly. We sit up to watch the US presidential debate but I fall asleep before it starts and wake up on the couch around 3am…