UP at a decent time to get on top of things before an online guitar lesson at 11am.

My student has become as much a pal as a ciustomer and we spend a good while chatting before picking up on the guitar lesson.

I’d forgotten my plan to smoke a pork loin and quickly make a bacon weave, put a rub not he pork and wrap it in the bacon to sit in the fridge for a few hours before it goes on the smoker.

We’ve been trying to have pals for dinner once a week, inviting single households at a time and eating outside under the gazebo…tonight Betty and Joe are coming.

There’s a couple of website update jobs for pals needing done and once they’re out the way I get a chance to work on some recording.

I’ve had a couple of collaborative ideas for some social media content …one of which involves whisky.

When the pork’s ready in the smoker I put it a faux cambo to rest and stay warm ’til Betty and Joe come around – then I go for a wee walk in the last of the daylight.

We have a lovely night with Betty and Joe – the gazebo, outdoor heater and fire pit keep the cold at bay and it’s nice to see them – the first time in ages we’ve had a proper catch up 🙂