Something a bit different in the studio today…

AFTER a long lie we have breakfast and I hit the studio.

There’s a couple of web update things to follow up on and some other admin kinda stuff. Once done I record some more part for a song arrangement I’m working on. Still not sure if it’s got legs, but it’s fun.

I grab some video of the process for social media content and edit it into various formats for posting.

The day’s almost done when I go for a quick walk and get some fresh air…just a half-hour jaunt through the forest. The clocks go back tonight, so my walks will have to be a lot earlier…or with the help of a head torch.

The funky beer can opener I got from Amazon last week is bust already and I decide to send it back. Should be a bit more durable than this…hopefully I’ll get a refund then most likely buy another!

I make tteotbokki for dinner then we watch some telly. I’ve signed up for our pal Bill’s Zoom whisky tasting…it’s at 5.30pm Oregon time which is 1.30am here. Oooofffttt…’s a good laugh tho’ 🙂