AFTER breakfast I nip to the village shop to pick up some stuff we need then set up in the studio for a Zoom guitar session.

When the session is finished I check out Creative Scotland’s website to see if the musicians’ hardship funding is open. It is. I register then carry on to Help Musicians’ to make an application. My only concern is that they need a recent bank statement. Not an issue in itself, but the only one I have shows £3000 coming in (and out) – it’s a load from the Energy Savings Trust…and there’s nowhere to make a note and ‘explain’. Without explanation, it’s not exactly indicative of a freelance musician up against it financially!

I’m trying to transcribe some videos for a pal…but it’s pretty hard going. A free bit of software is helping a little, but needs stopped, started, rewound so much that it’s slow progress. I ordered a control pedal form Amazon which will hopefully arrive today…and maybe make the process a little easier.

There’s another online guitar session at 4pm so I brave the rain and get out for a walk beforehand – if it goes on til 5pm I’ll be out of daylight now the clocks have changed…and it’ll likely be pissing rain.

While I’m out the computer control pedal arrives. Not time to test it before the guitar session, but afterwards I get it plugged an and, thankfully, it works and offers a little help stopping and starting the video.

In the house, Margaret’s complaining that I won’t have the red beans and rice ready ’til after 10pm. oops…! But I’ve been busy…