THERE’S a bunch of stuff needing done in the house then I get busy with the video transcripts.

I’m making slow progress and thinking I may have been a bit over-optimistic when I offered to do them…but I said I’d do it, so I will! Aside from the time, I’m getting a really sore back – I think it’s sigh way I’m sitting and using my foot to control the video playback.

I get a load done before it; ls time to make lunch and hit the village shop for a shift…my last one for a couple of weeks. This is also the last week the shop is open ’til 10pm. Winter opening hours are 7.30am to 8pm.

It’s just after 10pm when I get home and have a snack then do a few more hours on the video transcript. Tomorrow I might try a ‘standing desk’ set up to see if that helps my aching back…