I’D planned an early start, but last night’s decision to stay up late transcribing videos proved to be a mistake. I’m so tired when I wake up I think I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, time-wise.

After I get all the routine things out the way I swap some emails with the folks at Smokehead. I;m planning a livestream whisky-tasting with they brand ambassador. We agree on Monday 9 November at 8pm UK time.

Once Iive decided the best platform and got a plan in place we’ll announce it properly.

I have a couple of calls to make for the PRS members’ fund then I get back to the transcribing.

A call to my mobile let’s me know the cladding to fix the side of the house is arriving any minute! I’m just off the phone when the lorry appears and unloads.

I make lunch – leftover red beans and rice – then make up a meal plan for the next week and a shopping list which I send to Margaret who’s in Glasgow and going shopping.

After improvising a ‘standing desk’ in the office, I find my left leg is getting sore – it’s bearing all my weight while the right foot controls the video playback. I think I need a stool or something to rest my as on and tkae some of the weight off my left leg.

After a few hours it’s aching so much I take a break and go for a walk in the rain.

Back home I have a look on Amazon for adjustable height stools and stuff – but they’re all pretty expensive. I do need a stool for the studio, but still can’t justify spending much. A gander round the Ikea website finds a cheap solution (doesn’t it always!) and I send the info to Margaret to come home via Ikea. I find a suitable memory foam stool topper at a bargain price on Amazon.

I get some more work done then help Margaret put the shopping away and build up the stool. Grand. Shoulda got hold of one of these years ago!

It’s getting late when I make dinner. Betty’s got us some salmon so I do Asian salmon with tenderstem broccoli and cold soba noodles. Nice and easy 🙂