That tree again! I think it looks much more striking when it’s lost its leaves…

THERE’S an online guitar session with a student in Dublin first thing. I run it from the offie rather than the studio as I;ve set up to do the video transcriptions there.

When we’re through with the session I make a marinade and prepare the meat for tonight’s Vietnamese beef…our pals Alastair and Karen are coming for a socially distanced, outdoor dinner in the garden.

I’m feeling a bit like shit today – all bunged up and aching all over…think I’ve got a dose of the cold. Nevermind, hopefully it’ll life as time goes on.

Back in the office I spend a few hours on transcription duties then don my waterproofs and go for a walk up the lochside before dark.

I get some more prep done for dinner then get back to the transcripts for a while.

Before our guests arrive we set the fire pit going and I prepare the grill and charcoal for cooking outside.

We have a lovely night – clothing layers, outside heaters and the firepit keep the cold at bay and we enjoy dinner and catching upo. We haven’t seen these guys in ages…and it was good to squeeze this visit in as lockdown rules starting Monday wouldn’t have allowed them to travel – they live in a tier 2 area and we’re in tier 3.