Next Zoom concert announced! Click the image above of go here for info/reservations

I’M totally bunged up with the cold and aching all over. Seems like I have the lurgy.

Not time to laze about tho’ – as well as the video transcripts I promised I would do, I have two online events to set up.

The first is for the Facebook whisky tasting livestream with Smokehead on Monday 9 November – I’ll be joined by Smokehead brand ambassador Mikey Sim for tasting and chat..and there’s be some live tunes too. Info here.

Second up, after all the positive feedback on the Zoom concerts earlier this month, I’ll be doing another on Monday 16 November. It’ll be along the lines of the ‘acoustic roots’ covers set I played on Facebook back in April/May…it was popular, but marred by a poor internet connection and sound. A lot of folks asked if I would re-visit it – now, with a better internet connection and much better audio courtesy of Zoom I’ve decided to go for it. Info and reservations here.

I manage to get some video transcribing done in between all these things. There’s not much chance of a walk today as there’s gale force winds, rain and weather warnings a-go-go. We were meant to be going to sit outside at Betty and Joe’s tonight but the weather has scuppered that plan.

With the two online events sorted out, I need to get them listed on various website and stuff and then put together my November eNewsletter…and schedule it to go out first thing int he morning. You can read it here.