STILL on the video transcriptions…and I manage to make a little progress before breakfast.

Before going back into the office I realise a tub of cottage cheese is right on its ‘use by’ date so I get some egg bites underway and the the first batch on before I get on quoth the video stuff.

I spend the morning jumping between the office and the kitchen then go for a walk before lunch.

Back home I use some leftover dough and minced lamb to conjure up a lahmucan.

I get on top of the video stuff and take a break to create some graphics and do some online promo for Monday’s Smokehead whisky and music livestream. I set up a landing page on my website for the following week’s Zoom session too.

Betty very kindly got us some salmon which Margaret picked up earlier. It’s nearly 9pm when I got back to the house and cook it…

An early start into Glasgow tomorrow (Wednesday)...