I manage to get out for a quick walk through the forest as darkness falls…

MAKING slow progress through the video transcriptions and once my routine admin stuff’s out the way, the rest of the morning is spent on that project.

A local pal who’s website I built a while back, stops by for a outdoor meeting so I can set up her two-factor authentication. She’s only just left when Catriona arrives with the kids. I sit outside with them for a wee while and have some lunch then get back to work in the office.

It’s getting dark quite early and I nip out for a break and a quick walk through the forest. It’s quite eerie amongst the tres as darkness falls, but it’s a nice break form the computer keyboard and screen.

Later on we have a socially distanced, outside bite to eat with Betty and Joe then wander home and watch some of the voting updates from the USA. Fingers crossed 😉