Watch the whisky tasting and music session above!

IT’S whisky tasting livestream day…so lots of last minute promo to do.

The only potential issue is the tasting product hadn’t arrived! I emailed on Thursday to check all was OK and was told delivery had been arranged and was imminent.

There’s two online guitar sessions today – the first at 11am goes well, then I clear the decks of the routine stuff.

I give it until midday in case the postie has stuff then contact the Smokehead folks. Contingency/plan B is for Margaret to pick up supplies from the Glengoyne shop on her way back from Glasgow later.

After lunch I get some more promo done and start setting up the studio for the livestream. I manage a wee walk before it gets dark, Margaret comes home with supplies for the whisky tasting and all’s good.

Setting up Zoom to stream to Facebook is kinda awkward, but eventually I’m satisfied that it’s all gonna work. I hit up Mikey – Smokehead’s brand ambassador via Zoom and we have a quick chat before going live.

We have a good chat and session for the next hour and ten minutes. Looking at the stream later I ‘m glad I persevered with Zoom as the image and sound is pretty good…