I’M up early so I’m ready for Keiran coming to start work on our hall/conservatory – a simple cladding replacement opened a can of worms with damps and rot last week.

Once Keiran’s on the job I hit the studio and edit up last night’s whisky tasting video for reporting on social etc. I add some captions and logos, enhance the picture little, add an end sequence then upload it. First to Dropbox for the Smokehead folks and their various ad agencies, then to my YouTube channel for easy embedding etc

Back at the house I climb the scaffolding to help Keiran remove the roof panels, then we have a coffee and a slice of Margaret’s amazing apple pie.

I get some work done on the final video scripts I’ve been transcribing – the final deadline is tomorrow (Wednesday) then get a quick 20-minute walk, some lunch and then head for the shop for my afternoon/evening shift. The first in a couple of weeks.

Closing time at the shop is now 8pm, so I’m home in time for diner 🙂