UP early again and I get cracking on the final phase of the video transcription job. I’ve promised formatted scripts will be delivered by midday.

I fire through the remaining work and by 11.45am have them emailed off. It’s kind of important for me to try to “under promise and over deliver”!

Next on the priority list is social media video posts to promote Monday’s ‘influences’ livestream.

I make some good progress then go back to the house for lunch.

Margaret’s off to Glasgow and gonna get the shopping son I make a meal plan for the next week and a shopping list.

The jar of cajun spice mix is empty and I decide to take ten minutes and make another batch. There’s a catch, tho’ – the catering jars of onion and garlic powder the we keep outside in the merch store have pretty much solidified. It’s a pain trying to carve out a few tablespoons’-worth and ‘re-powdering’ it in the blender, so I decide to bust open the plastic containers, break up what’s left, blend it and decant into jars. I do a quick bit of online research to find out the best way to stop these ingredients ‘clumping’ and the best (and easiest) trick is to keep it in the freezer!

Of course this process takes an hour and the kitchen looks like it’s been home to a flour explosion, so once I’ve made my two jars of garlic and onion powder respectively – and the cajun spice mix – there’s a helluva clean up job!

Back in the studio there’s some more work to be done promoting Monday’s Zoom concert then I venture out in the rain – and now dark – for a walk up the lochside. I quite enjoy the off-piste, head torch-lit excursions, even in the wet.

Margaret gets back with the shopping and I start work on the mix of track that I haven’t even had time to look at for a couple of weeks. There’s a fair bit of work needing done on it, but I’m quite liking how it’s starting to sound.