KEIRAN’S coming to work on the roof/wall at 8am – he’s planning to take the windows out, so I need to be ready to give him a hand.

Getting the windows out of the frames turns out to be a little more complicated than he thought, so he changes the plan and will work round them which is probably a blessing in disguise, even though it’s a bit more hassle.

I spend the morning in the studio mixing the re-arrangement of a song I’d been working on. it’s starting to come together – still a few bits to tidy up and I think I want to re-record the vocals.

After lunch I make a set list for Monday’s Zoom concert then head out for a walk up the lochside. At Milarrochy I do a couple of Facebook livestreams as well as an Instagram live video to maintain awareness about the Zoom concert.

While Margaret’s making dinner I run through some of the songs I’m planning on playing on Monday…