WE’RE up at a decent time for once on a Sunday – Catriona and the kids are coming for a garden visit and Margaret wants to prepare some lunch for them.

I’m in the studio when Margaret buzzes me to say the cooker’s goosed. Again. The ovens and grill are fine, but the induction hob part has no power. Mmm…out with the camp stoves!

I get some work done on a mix int he studio – it’s almost there now – then join everyone in the garden for some lunch.

Once Catriona and the kids have gone I nip out for a walk. The rain’s stopped and although the light’s failing, it’s nice to get a wander. I stop outside Betty and Joe’s to do an emergency laptop restart for Joe.

There’s a wee bit of prep and promo to be done for tomorrow’s (Monday) Zoom sessions online concert then it’s back to the house to make tonight’s tteotbokki and our pal Bill’s weekly livestream – not from their home in Florida this Sunday, but from his son Kyle and daughter-in-law Lauren’s in Wisconsin.