IT’S AFTER 10am before I wake up. Managed to sleep through three alarms!

There’s a load of stuff needing done before I have to be in the village shop at 1pm, so I have a quick shower and breakfast then get tore in to my to-do listen.

I top and tail the recording of last night’s Zoom session and make it available to the folks that bought tickets. Once done, I send them all thank you notes and a link to download the video if they wish.

No time for a walk before I go, but I get some sandwiches made up and dash to the shop for my afternoon/evening shift.

It’s pretty quiet, mostly down to the drench weather…and with the First Minister’s increased lockdown affecting this area, it’s probably about to get quieter. Bummer – but, in my view, necessary to minimise the chances of the pandemic getting even more of a grip.

Margaret’s got dinner ready when I get home after my shift in the shop and we relax a little in front of the telly before and early night. We’re both knackered.