Click above to check out the song temporarily renamed Have You Ever…

MAIN thing on today’s list is a wee bit of a fun experiment.

I shouldn’t really spill the beans here, but it’s kinda cool for folks that read this blog to ‘be in the know’…I’d just ask that, before you read on, you keep this info to yourselves 😉

Having mastered the re-arrangement of a song I’ve been messing with – Cherry Wine – in the studio, I thought it might be interesting to put it our there under a different name. Now I may well re-arrange some more songs like this and release them properly on all the platforms, but before (and if) I do that, I wondered if a different name and sound might get past some of the gatekeepers who possibly dismiss Dave Arcari as ‘old music’ or ‘we know what he does’. it also might open up music to a new audience who think they wouldn’t like what I normally do

This has meant creating an alter-ego, a fictional backing band – which, in reality, is all just me – and leaking the music out on a couple of platforms that won’t affect a ‘proper’ release under my own name if I decide to do that in the future.

Cue the need for images, a logo, Soundcloud page and Facebook page…it’s a busy day and I make quite good progress, even finding time for a quick walk in the pouring rain as darkness falls.

I still have to pad out the Facebook page, create a video and a Bandcamp page then I’ll start letting it out. Keen to know what blog readers/followers think – hit me up and let me know…but remember…this is OUR secret for the time being, so please keep it under your hat 🙂