WE’RE just finishing (a late!) breakfast when Betty drops by.

We sit outside and have a coffee then I get on with some work. there’s some mercy orders needing sorted out and I have another wee project to try and get underway.

I filled the bird feeder and set up a time-lapse camera to show just how quickly the wee buggers go through the birdseed.

Our pal David comes to put up an external light on our new cladding then I get lunch ready.

After lunch I get some more work done on a new project, but get stumped by some technical issues.

We have some merch – vinyl and CDs from Finland – to pick up from the post office so Margaret drives us there, I pick up the stuff and chuck it in the car then Margaret drives home and I walk back.

It’s dark when I get home and edit up the time-lapse images from the bird feeder activity…they cleared out one-and-a-half litres of food in just over three hours!

The instant pot is used first to cook some brown rice, then teriyaki chicken which we enjoy in front of the telly…and I crack open my first beer of the week 🙂