A FEW things to get sorted before the first of two online guitar sessions today.

Top of the list is to call the dentist and get an appointment for later in the week. The only that became sensitive a few weeks ago is now causing me a fair bit of pain as well as sensitivity. I get an appointment for Wednesday.

After my first online guitar session I have a phone appointment with the universal credit folks to try and sort out what’s happening then Ido some work on another merch project l’m looking at.

After lunch I venture outing the rain for a walk up the lochside and do a livestream update while I’m out then rush back for my 4pm Skype session.

Once done, I look into ways of promoting merch from the Facebook shop. I hadn’t tried tagging products in posts, so I give it a bash and within half an hour it’s paid off. I try and put the wheels in motion to be able to do similar on Instagram.

I’m eating paracetamol to try and contain the pain in my gob which is making it hard for me to concentrate on anything. It’s not unbearable, but it’s really, really uncomfortable and getting worse.