THE toothaches getting worse…and it kept me from sleeping last night. A call from the dentist offers an afternoon appointment today that’s opened up, but I have a shift int he village shop that I can’t afford not to do…so I’m gonna have to put up with the pain ’til tomorrow 🙁

In the office there’s a domain name, website and associated Facebook page needing sorted out out for another hare-brained project I’ve dreamt up. I take a break to pack up some merch orders and take a walk to the post-box in the pouring rain.

My shift in the shop starts at 1pm – too early for lunch, so I make some sandwiches and get on my way.

It’s a fairly short shift as the shop’s closing at 6pm for the duration of our area’s tier four pandemic guidelines.

That means I’m home in good time to make dinner – red beans and rice – and fight the toothache.