I WAKE at 5am – when my tongue even lightly touches the molar behind the one that was extracted the other day the pain is excruciating and keeps waking me 🙁

I call the dentist as soon as they’re open and get an appointment for lunchtime. M teatime, I get some work done, but really struggle to concentrate on anything between the pain and the concern about the possibility of another tooth having to come out.

Margaret drives me to the village and the dentist has a look. She’s fairly confident it’s just a result of all the pushing, polling and general trauma of the extraction. The fact that it’s not sensitive to hot or cold appears to be a positive indicator that nothing bad’s going on. That’s a relief, but it’s still painful!

Back home I take a handful of painkillers then have a meeting in the garden with a local pal to discuss a possible web project.

After a late lunch I make some burgers for tonight’s dinner then hit the office and write up a web proposal and budget based on my meeting earlier.

It’s 8pm by the time I light some charcoal and grill the burgers. The painkillers and a couple of beers have taken the edge of the pain in my gob, but it’s hard to eat as anything even touching the tooth is really sore.