WE enjoy a bit of a long lie. My gob’s still a bit uncomfortable, but better than yesterday. Fingers crossed it continues that way!

The sun’s shining and we take advantage of the good weather to move all the scaffolding from the back garden and driveway and stack it up alongside our front fence. Next, we tidy up all the leftover materials and bits of old rotten wood.

Our neighbours Barbara and Thorsten are coming for dinner in the garden tonight. I marinade the Vietnamese beef and Margaret nips to the supermarket for some bits and bobs we need.

I heard out for a walk, stopping outside Betty and Joe’s to drop off some stuff and help Betty with an online thing.

While out, I doppelgänger’s a quick livestream update from the top of the hill.

Back home we start getting ready for our guests. It’s cold out, but a nice clear evening and we have a grand night catching up.