AN unintentional late rise this morning – not surprising as it was pushing 3am when we went to bed.

There’s some stuff I wanna get done in the studio but first I want to get some more prep done on the alter-ego song project.

First, I tidy up the Soundcloud page, then set up a Bandcamp page with song release date of Friday (4 December).

I start to look at ways of hosting a landing page with links to all, but I don’t want it to be associated with my own name…I try a few options, then finally go with this.

As a result it’s late when I start making this evening’s carnitas…made even later by the fact that I thought I’d taken the pork out the freezer and put it int he fridge to defrost, but what I actually did was take it from the freezer outside and put in the freezer inside. Doh!