New in the merch store…engraved slate coasters 🙂

UP early and on the case… I have some new merch to get in the online store – engraved slate coasters.

Working out various postages for various quantities going to UK, Europe and rest of world is a bit of task…once in store I ‘connect’ the sale items to my Facebook page.

The first of two guitar sessions today goes well in the studio then Betty stops by for a coffee and some help with one of the apps on her phone then I go for a walk. First decent walk I;ve had in a while, and it’s a lovely day.

After lunch I start trying to clear out the office. Not only has it become a bit of a mess since lockdown started, there’s so much unnecessary stuff that can either be archived or binned. That’ll hopefully make space to re-arrange things in a more ergonomic fashion rather than everything just being where it landed when we build the office!

After another guitar session from he studio I get a message form Facebook telling me my ‘item’ – the slate coasters – have been rejected for the store on my page as they’re promot😂ing the sale of alcohol. What a load of bollocks! Another case of Facebook’s automatic not working properly…just because the coasters have the word ‘whisky’ engraved as part of the design. Last week Instagram tried to tell me that I copuildn’t have an instagram shop as the items weren’t for sale on my website!

Back in the house I make dinner then spend the rest of the night planning a new livestream series – Tales From the Road – which will see me stream self-produced road/behind-the-scenes documentary videos with live artist (ie: me!) commentary and Q&A.

Final task of the night is to write, design and schedule my December eNewsletter to go out in the morning…read it here.