FIRST of the month…and my eNewsletter has gone out first thing as scheduled.

There’s been some coaster sales via the online merch store so there’s a flurry of packaging activity and generating of online postage labels to get them in the local postbox before middays last collection.

Margaret noticed the coasters weren’t showing up in the online store…but if folks followed the direct link or I was logged in to the back end of the site they appeared. It takes a bit of investigation and jiggery-pokery, but I eventually get it sorted…not quite sure how I don it – or why they didn’t show up. Suffice to say it’s sorted!

I have a shift in the village shop starting at 1pm, but the manager asked me about help with a website and social media the other day, so I go early for a chat about it. It’s a separate job, so I feel a conflict of interests if I spent time discussing it etc during my paid shop hours.

We have a chat and I undertake. to get a proposal done by the end of the week.

My shift at the shop goes smoothly. I’m not long back home when I get a message from the shop manager saying the overall owners of the shop – and the local inn, coffee shop and various other enterprises – have advertised for a PR/marketing campaigns manager for the whole business but not told him, so he suspects anything for the shop will come under that remit, so not to do anything on it! Ah well 😉

Margaret makes dinner while I get some work done, we eat, and I work on some web stuff ’til after 1am…