New in my online merch store…leather bound whisky flasks – click the pic to view \../

THERE’S new whisky flasks ready for my online merch store. I spend some time working out shipping costs/classes then take some ‘product’ photos for the store.

While I’m at it, I grab some props from Smokehead and grab some more images which I’ll post round social media later.

One done, I get back to work on the new website and ecommerce for the local shop I’m helping out.

Margaret’s got an appointment at the doc’s for her flu jab so I go with her and walk back. I go slightly off piste and end up up to my knees in mud, but it’s a nice change of route for a walk. It’s dark by the time I get home.

I do a little more work in the studio then go back to the house and make some burgers and do some other prep for dinner and light some charcoal for the grill.

It’s bloody freezing outside, but I can’t bring myself to cook our burgers any other way than over charcoal!