The sky, loch and Inchcailloch look great this morning….

WHEN I go down to get the bins I notice the loch is looking really nice. I go back to the house, grab the drone and head out to get some footage.

On the way, though, I come a cropper on the ice. Drone in one hand, controller in the other I slip and, in an effort to save the gear, land on my left elbow. Ouch. Anyway, I carry on regardless and grab some cool video footage over the loch.

Breakfast’s ready when I get back, but on telling Margaret about my fall, we realise that the path I slipped on is owned by the community and we should really put some grit out. I grab the wheelbarrow and a couple of spades and off we go.

Our breakfast survives the delay then I hit the studio to make some headway on the website I’m working on.

Keiran pops up to try and sort a couple of leaks from the roof/windows beside out front door. Having spent a small fortune on new windows and having the cladding ad guttering all sorted, we’re a bit disappointed to have water coming in!

I head out for a walk and stop by to help Betty and Joe with a video message they want to make and send out. I carry on my walk and do a couple of livestreams promoting tomorrow’s (Monday) debut episode of my Tales From The Road series.

When I get home I dp some more website work then prepare a big pork, chorizo and butter bean casserole. I leave it to bubble for an hour or so and get some more work done.

It’s ready in time for us to tune into our pal Bill’s regular Sunday night livestream concert from Florida…then I get some more work done…