Click above to watch the first episode in my Tales From the Road livestream series….

ON the to-do list early and manage to get a few things ticked off before my first guitar session of the day.

After the session I take some red beans and rice to Betty and Joe then go a quick walk. I don’t have a huge amount of time today, but it’s lovely outside and I need some exercise and fresh air.

Catriona calls asking for some help with a wee idea she has, so I have a quick look at that then start preparing for tonight’s Facebook livestream – the first episode in my Tales From The Road series. I dig out my main source video footage and then prepare start and end screen ands and some overlays.

I have my second – and last – guitar session for the day then get back on the livestream prep. This series isn’t as work and prep-intensive as Cookin’ Up The Blues...or even the Blues’n’2s series, but I still need to do be organised in advance.

Despite knocking a mug of coffee over the desk just as I’m about to go live, all goes well and folks enjoy the first episode. I breathe a sigh of relief and go back to the house for dinner.

We eat then I spend a good three or four hours editing video for the web project I’m working on for Sam.