THERE’S a bunch of merch to be sorted out before I go for my shift at the village shop. I have two shifts this week. Yippee!

Between the Merch and a load of other ‘admin’ kinda tasks, the mornings gone and I quickly make up some sandwiches to take to the shop.

My bike arrived at Electric Bikes Sotland at the beginning of the week, is built up and ready. With current lockdown guidelines it’d be better to have it delivered – and at £30 cheaper and more sensible than driving to Dundee to pick it up. I still need to pay for it, though! Th

The dosh from the Energy Savings Trust has been in the bank since September but when I try and make a payment using digital banking, the card reader needed to authenticate the transaction’s playing silly buggers and won’t work, despite a battery change. I give up and decide to call and pay over the phone in the morning.

It’s well after 11pm by this time and I have a few things I want to try and sort on the website I’m working on for a pal’s shop.

Needless to say I get caught up and suddenly it’s after 2am….