A wee video I produced to promote the new shop….

I HAVE a meeting about the website I’m developing for a new local shop.

Sam comes up and we sit outside and I take her through the website and get some little bits of info I need then we make it live. Good timing as the shop – which was only open for a week before tier 4 lockdown meant it had to close – re-opens tomorrow (Friday).

I have a list of things to finish off/add/sort once the website’s live and I spend the rest of the day on it before venturing out for a walk up the lochside.

Tonight’s dinner is green curry. I’ve been making this for twenty years and only changed my method once, about 12 years ago – I had a intolerance/allergic reaction after eating it when we still lived in Glasgow and ended up in the Western Infirmary. While we’ve never really got to the bottom of this reaction – which has put me in hospital a good few times – I reckoned cumin and coriander seed are involved somewhere, so I started making my own curry paste from scratch, leaving out the cumin and coriander seed. The paste is great and, touch wood, I’ve been fine eating it ever since.

Tonight, though, I decide to try and up my game and make a few changes. First up, instead of using canned coconut milk, I use Maggi powdered coconut milk. Second, when we were staying in LA a couple of years ago our host, who has Vietnamese parents, gave us a bottle of Red Boat brand fish sauce. She was keen for us to try it and stressed that good quality fish sauce is crucial for all recipes.

Our bags were over the limit for coming home though, so we gave the large and heavy bottle of fish sauce to pass we were staying with at the end of the trip. We never got to try it 🙁

The other day when making the shopping list I noticed we were pretty much out of fish sauce but other than put our usual Squid brand – about £2 for a huge bottle – on the list I went onto Amazon and found Red Boat brand…pardon the pun, but I pushed the boat out and ordered it…a luxury purchase at £17. It’ll last us a good few months.

Well. The combination of the Maggi coconut and Red Boat sauce turned out the best free curry I’ve ever made. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…?!?