The new special edition hip flask is now available in my online store 🙂

ONE of the top tasks today is to get the new special edition whisky flasks on sale in my online merch store.

Next on the list is a bunch of social media stuff to promote the new shop website…not part of my job, really, but I’m keen to help get them off to a good start then it’s over to Sam!

I started filming a short introduction to my good self for Bluebird Reviews and spend some time editing the footage into something presentable then get it sent off.

While getting the flasks on sale in my own shop and porting the merch over to my Facebook shop, I decide to give Instagram another go. Every time I try and get Instagram shopping set up my store is rejected. And it’s boiling my piss.

I have a deep dig around the back end of Facebook and Instgram’s developer tools and find that I need to grant Instagram permission to access the store/merch catalogue set up in Facebook…which is in turn populated by the ecommerce system behind the store on my website. We’ll see if this helps!

I’ve not even managed a walk today and it’s time to go back to the house and get tonight’s black pepper tofu underway. Ah well…