I HAVE a local photoshoot at lunchtime – booked ages ago and I forgot all about it until I looked ahead at he diary the other week.

With lockdown restrictions I wasn’t sure what the client’s plan was and if she’d still be coming to the village – yesterday’s relaxation in some of the restricitions means thunderbirds are go!

The weather’s looking a bit dodgy so I’m gonna need to take a remote flash, triggers, stand, reflectors etc to try and cover all bases light-wise.

I wander along to the Waterfront, meet the client, her partner and their dog and head to the lochside for an hour or so and fire off a load of pix.

No time too do anything with the pix when I get back – I dump the gear and we jump in the car to go and visit Catriona and the kids. We take the kids for a walk to give Catriona break then sit outside for a coffee before heading home.

I make up a marinade for the flank steak I’ll be grilling later then hit the studio where I download this morning’s photos from the camera and do a first sift.

Back at the house I light a chimneyful of charcoal and get the grill going…the steak is the best yet!

We eat and watch a documentary about Coldplay followed by a film – A Gift From Bob…the sequel to A Street Cat Named Bob