Stop press…a special outdoor ‘live from the garden’ stream coming next week. Info here!

IN the shower I decide I should schedule a Facebook livestream concert before Christmas.

I know I said I’d only do ticketed full-length concert streams, mostly via Zoom, but there are technological barriers – perceived or otherwise – that prevent quite a lot of folks accessing the Zoom shows. Plus, it’s Christmas and I want to say thanks to everyone for their support over what has been a difficult year.

To make it a little different I’ll brave the elements and play the show outside in the garden!

Of course, this idea means a load of unscheduled extra work… 😉

Catriona asked me to help with some prints of sketches Will made for the now built workshop/summerhouse in their garden so I get them printed out and make a wee frame to mount them.

Betty has ordered us some firewood and two big bags are dropped off. It’s pouring with rain, though, so rather than battle to get it all in the woodshed, I cover it with a tarpaulin.

I’m glad I got the first sift through yesterday’s photos done last night, means today’s job is a little easier. The photos have turned out pretty good and I send off a good selection of low resolution proofs for approval. I get a ‘delighted’ message back almost by return 🙂

The Christmas card task has been looming for the last week and we need to get the overseas ones ion the post tomorrow latest. Probably a little late but…

I make a big Instant Pot-ful of mushroom risotto and we enjoy a plateful while watching Bill’s Sunday livestream from Florida.