Episode two in my Tales From the Road livestream series…watch it here or click above…

THERE’S some merch orders to sort out after breakfast then the first of my two regular Monday guitar sessions.

I need to create some images and promote tonight’s Tales From the Road livestream – episode two – around social media.

After lunch I sort some more merch stuff out and start putting stacking some wood in the shed.

My second guitar session is postponed as my student can’t make it today – I take advantage of the new found time to get out for my first decent walk in a few days and do a quick livestream to promote this evening’s livestream.

Back home I make the sugo for tonight’s sausage pasta, deal with some more admin and emails then get the woodshed stacking finished. there;s still some round the back that I need to stack and cover.

The livestream goes great – this is a relatively simple production, although for future episodes I’m gonna need to curate and compile the content from my archives which may be a little more involved…