THE to-do list is exploding and I have merch on back order that I don’t know when to expect!

I’m trying to sort it all out when Gordon from Glengoyne calls – he’s wanting to do an interview for his Whisky Unscripted podcast. He wants to do it now.

I head to the studio and we link up via Cleanfeed – it’s a great online tool – and we have a good chat. He played part of Whisky Trail in the last episode and will use more music and this interview in the Christmas special 🙂

There’s some more stuff to get through before I make lunch. I;m about to dash off to the village shop for my afternoon/evening shift when a DPD driver arrives with a delivery and, typically when you’re in a rush, he wants to chat.

I’m in the shop ’til 8pm and home soon after. Margaret’s made mushroom and spinach stroganoff which is wonderful. We eat, chat and have an early night.