THERE’S a mountain of stuff to be done before my afternoon/evening shift at the village shop, so I get cracking right away.

A few merch order issues to be rectified…and I’m wondering why I haven’t heard from the folks supplying my bike via the Energy Savings Trust. It was all arranged in July and the bike expected to arrive ‘week 50’ – this week.

I got an email from the supplier last week to say the bike was ready and could be collected. Lockdown guidelines made me wary of travelling to Dundee to pick it up, so I asked about delivery – at just £30 it made logistical/time sense too!

I’ve been waiting on a tracking number ever since so I call the supplier who checks the system and tells me the bike is out for delivery today/. Great –≠ except I won’t be here and I’d explained last week that that delivery would need to be Monday, Thursday or Friday this week!

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I speak to the shipping folks and give them instructions on where to leave the bike that both they and the supplier are happy with. It can be left under cover and there’s cameras everywhere so it’ll be secure.

I’m not long in the shop when I get a call from the delivery driver – he can’t find the house. He’s parked up near the shop, though, so I give him directions and explain where to leave the box. Done!

I’m excited when I get home, but it’s too dark and late to mess about too much. I unbox the bike and put it in the shed and tale all the manuals, instructions, battery and charger into the house to have a closer look. Hopefully I’ll get a first ride tomorrow or Friday.